Subcontract/Independent Contractor Agreement Negotiations

When to request a Subcontract Agreement

 Subcontracts may be used when a collaborator will:

  • Perform work as part of institutional appointment;
  • Have programmatic decision-making responsibility;
  • Manage technical and administrative aspects of a portion of the overall project statement of work; or
  • Use institutional facilities, students and/or staff

When to request  a Consulting Agreement(Independent Contractor)

Consulting agreements may be used when the individual/firm rendering the service(s)

does not participate in programmatic decision- making. If the consultant is affiliated with another academic institution, the service(s) provided must be (1) outside of their institutional time and commitments without use of their institutional resources (including students and staff) and (2) paid directly to the consultant as an individual, above and beyond their institutional salary with attendant tax liability.

Process for Subcontracts and Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Initiate requisition in PeopleSoft
  • Submit copy of approved requisition and all required documentation to RAS
  • RAS will issue subcontract/ Independent Contractor agreement to subcontractor/consultant for review and signature
  • RAS will facilitate agreement negotiations
  • RAS will obtain the signed agreement and additional required documents (A-133 Audit, financial records FFATA Reporting data, etc.) from subcontract/consultant agreement.
  • RAS will facilitate University signature
  • OPC issues Purchase Order and disseminates fully executed Agreement
  • Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor is authorized to begin work.
  • Authorized Signer for Subcontracts and Consultant Agreements:
    • Dana C. Hector, CRA - Executive Director, RAS

Procedures for Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor Agreements

The following should be submitted to RAS at for Subcontracts/Consultant Agreements:

  • Copy Approved PeopleSoft Requisition
  • Completed Subagreement Information Form
  • Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor's Budget & Budget Justification
  • Justification Form  for Independent Contractor Agreements (provides documented rationale for selection)
  • Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor's detailed scope.of work
  • Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor t's W-9
  • Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor's completed ACH Form


Please see Subcontract Execution and Approval Policy 600-013