Research Units

Research Development


Contacts: Ms. Pamela A.G. Clarke and Dr. Kera Lawson

Research Development (RD) is the first entity, within the Office of Research, to interface with prospective and existing Principal Investigators who seek to embark on a grant and/or contract pursuit.

  • Assists prospective and existing PIs in the identification of grant and contract opportunities.
  • Provides initial orientation, guidance and technical assistance in the initial development of proposals with respect to Howard University and sponsor general requirements.
  • Helps to ensure proposals are ready to be received by Research Administrative Services for formal processing through the Howard University grant and contract authorization process.
  • Assists in cultivating cross-sector institutional relationships with prospective sponsors in the federal, national, local, corporate and philanthropic sectors.
  • Develops, launches and assesses all grant and contract related faculty training opportunities that include, for example, NSF, NIH, DOD, private philanthropic and industry/corporate sponsored workshops and training events for faculty Principle Investigators (PIs).
  • Develops and implements research-related showcase events for faculty and students, such as Research Week and Research on Capital Hill.
  • Provides oversight and distribution of the Indirect Cost Distribution program.
  • Provides oversight and distribution of the Faculty Research Incentive program.


Research Administrative Services

Pre and Post Awards

Contacts: Ms. Dana Hector and Mr. Andre Lane

Research Administrative Services (RAS) engages in the following as this concerns pre- and post award functions:

  • Proposal development assistance that may include troubleshooting with Principle Investigators (PIs) and solution finding when issues arise.
  • Acts as a liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs) and sponsoring agencies and organizations.
  • Acts as a liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs) and on-campus operational units such as the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the Office of the Chief Operating Officer, the Office of Human Resources and Student Financial Support.
  • Assist in preparation, review and approval of all grant-related HR personnel actions.
  • Reviews and authorizes expenditure requests.
  • Prepares budget modification requests to meet projected budgetary needs.
  • Negotiates and prepares grant carryover and close-out related matters.
  • Works closely with departments that are housed within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to ensure an effective and efficient post awards operations, which includes the grant close-out process. These CFO departments include, Grants & Contracts, Accounts Payable, Procurement and Vendor Services and Travel.
  • Serves as the major entity to ensure grant and contract federal and local compliance on pre- and post award operations.


Intellectual Property Management

Contact: Mr. Terry Adams

Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation is the University's authorized unit to manage, license, buy, and sell IP (patents, trademarks, copyright works, and trade secrets).

Key responsibilities include:

  • Capture IP created by inventors and creatives within the University that is covered by the Howard University Intellectual Property Policy
  • Direct outside counsel and agents on the filing, prosecution, and maintenance of all intellectual property
  • Negotiate and approve all matters, agreements, grants, licenses, buying, selling, and commitments related to IP covered under the Howard University Intellectual Property Policy.


Research and Regulatory Compliance

Contact: Dr. Thomas Obisesan

Regulatory Research Compliance (RRC), which is housed under the Office of the Provost, ensures that research at the University is conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines that protect human participants, animals, students, and staff involved with research.

Additional roles of the RRC are:

  • To support and promote ethical conduct of research at Howard University
  • To serve the Howard University community by facilitating institution-wide research compliance policy and procedures development;
  • To educate students & faculty about regulations related to human subjects research, animal care & use, bio-safety, data use and ownership.