Research Development

Research Development (RD) works with faculty and staff to identify and secure funding opportunities, develop competitive proposals, engage with sponsors, assist in the development of grantsmanship capabilities, executive strategic research development, foster and build interdisciplinary research teams and collaborations, and provide the leadership and coordination necessary for development of competitive single and multi-investigator proposals.

The purpose of the Office of Research, Research Development Unit is to:

  • Promote and support research focused on innovative, cross-disciplinary, and transformational efforts
  • Advance the work of research leaders and research teams to enhance research funding
  • Facilitate faculty navigation of the required University's grants and award process
  • Manage the University's research incentive programs - Small Equipment, Summer Faculty Fellowship, and Indirect Cost Recovery
  • Coordinate campus use and integration of funding information databases and research resources
  • Coordinate the process for limited submissions and institutional cost share
  • Provide training and resources to aid faculty in submitting competitive proposals