Notification from Sponsor

All notices of award, agreements, or Letters of Intent (LOI) to award from the sponsor should be sent to Research Administrative Services (RAS) in the Office of Research. If the notification, agreement or LOI is sent directly to the Principal Investigator (PI), the PI must forward the document to RAS.

Review and approval of the Award

RAS in the Office of Research is the authorized official for negotiating and accepting sponsored program and research awards on behalf of the University. Upon receiving a notice of an award, RAS will review the terms and conditions to ensure that the University is able to comply with the terms and conditions of the award. If applicable RAS will obtain the Office of General Counsel review and approval prior to accepting or signing the award.

Award and Budget Details Set up in Financial System

Once an award has been accepted or fully executed (signed by sponsor and Executive Director of RAS), then the Research Administrator in RAS may begin initial set up of new awards or make changes to existing awards in the University's financial system of record for all sponsored programs at Howard University. This include entering data related to the sponsor, project terms and conditions, project milestones, personnel, and line item budget. The sponsored budget is the budget of record for the sponsored award.

Notification of Setup

After the initial set up or modifications to existing awards have been completed by the Research Administrator in RAS, notification including next steps and an Award Transmittal Notice is sent via email the PI, relevant School/College personnel (e.g. Human Resources Delegate for the School/College), central units such as the Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC), Grants and Contract Accounting (GCA). The email informs the PI and others that the award has been created or modified as needed, and that it is ready for activation. GCA completes activation of the award. Please allow at least 3 Business for activation of the award before use.