Proposal Development

Research Development provides project management support to assist researchers in the process of developing and preparing grant proposals. Here is a list of proposal development services.

  • Manage, coordinate and facilitate the pre-award proposal development process
  • Preparation for communicating with  program officers or agency officials 
  • Project management tools and grantsmanship advice
  • Budget and Budget Narrative Development and Review
  • Faculty Consultation on developing proposal ideas
  • Interdisciplinary Team Support- Facilitate the development of multidisciplinary teams to respond to specific funding opportunities
  • Review solicitations identify key required features, and work with PI to establish proposal development timelines and content
  • Strategize ways to frame project ideas in the context of sponsor goals and mission
  • Assist with non-technical (non-disciplinary) proposal sections (facilities and resources template, broader impacts etc.)
  • Provide templates, timelines, checklists and guidelines for typical proposal components
  • Institutional Letters of Support
  • Manage Howard University Institutional Cost Share Commitments
  • Work with the PI to identify external reviewers, provide honorarium and facilitate the review process
  • Work with the PI to improve grantsmanship skills
  • Connect faculty with other resources at Howard University