Carryovers are unobligated funds remaining at the end of the budget period which may be carried forward to the next budget period. The carryover of unobligated funds allows use these prior year funds in the current budget period. Some sponsors allow to carryover funds automatically,  This is indicated in the award terms and conditions.  When the sponsor requires prior approval, such requests are to be put in writing and submitted through DocuSign to RAS in advance of the change for RAS' submission to the authorized official at the sponsor for a decision. An authorized official from RAS must sign all requests to sponsors.

If “internal” approval is sufficient, a brief memo requesting approval signed by the PI/PD and sent to RAS via DocuSign. After the decision is made by RAS concerning the request, this memo will be kept with the grant as internal documentation and processes the approved documents. If sponsor  prior approval  is required, the PI must submit via DocuSIgn:

  •     Letter of explanation of unobligated balance
  •     Detailed Budget
  •     Scientific Justification
  •    Progress Report