Creating Accurate Research Reports

It is the policy of Howard University to identify performance metrics and review financial and budget reports to monitor and evaluate the administration of sponsored programs at Howard University. Doing so ensures that all parties adhere to a high standard of policies and procedures, and provides transparency to research spending.


Managing Performance Reports

Research Administrative Services has developed a performance matrix to monitor project performance in a number of areas. Reports are required on a periodic basis and reviewed by Research Administrative Services in order to evaluate the performance of a researcher or a research project.

Although there are some universal commonalities with regards to performance metrices, these are designed to be specific to the applicable research and based on the business and operational goals of the respective area. You are encouraged to work with Research Administrative Services to ensure that reporting and the metrics assigned will accurately and fairly measure the performance of your project through the entire lifecycle.


Managing Financial Reports

Research Administrative Services requires a number of regular financial reports on a periodic basis. These are intended to create transparency and foster the maximum and effective use of funds.

Some of the areas that will need to be consistently reported include accounts payable, expenditures, purchasing, total funds tally and many other necessary accounting and financial statements.


Please see Management Reporting Policy 600-033.