Research Regulatory Compliance

The Office of Regulatory Research Compliance (ORRC), which is housed under the Office of the Provost, ensures that research at the University is conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines that protect human participants, animals, students, and staff involved with research.

ORRC Organizational and Functional Chart

Additional roles of the ORRC are:

  • To support and promote ethical conduct of research at Howard University.
  • To serve the Howard University community by facilitating institution-wide research compliance policy and procedures development.
  • To educate students & faculty about regulations related to human subjects research, animal care & use, bio-safety, data use and ownership.

In order to access the current Office of Research Regulatory Compliance (ORRC) website, please note the link below.

Office of Regulatory Research Compliance Website

Regulatory Research Compliance Staff

Thomas Obisesan, M.D., MPH

Associate Vice President

Research Regulatory Compliance

Earl B. Ettienne, BScPharm, MBA, LP.D.

Co-Chair Medical IRB

Research Regulatory Compliance