Research Month

Howard University Research Week has been renamed Howard University Research Month  in order to expand the opportunity to celebrate and honor the tremendous research that is conducted by our faculty, students and research staff. In addition, the expansion to a full month better enables the Howard community to thank our external institutional partners who support HU research as many of these partners will be on the Howard campus throughout the month of April. Research Month is a great opportunity to learn about the various research projects occurring across the campuses. The Annual Research Symposium is the highlight of Research Month . It also provides a venue, in which to engage researchers and develop multidisciplinary collaborations. The week's activities range from guest speakers and workshops to a research symposium aimed at creating more opportunities for innovation.  During the research symposium, our students, faculty, and research staff will discuss their research findings with other Howard University members, external visitors from various federal agencies, private industry, and surrounding universities.  

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