Letters of Intent and Support

Letters of Intent (HU is Grantee)

Sponsors request a LOI to determine interest for estimating the potential review workload and planning the reviews for a particular funding announcement or program.  LOI's are not always required by the sponsor.  Although a letter of intent is not always required; it should be noted that if submitted they are not binding, and typically do not enter the respondent into the review of a subsequent application.

LOI Process (HU is Grantee)

The Principal Investigator must notify the RAS Research Administrator with a carbon copy to the Dean/Designee  of his/her intent to submit LOI at least two (3) business days prior to the due date. For those funding opportunities that require LOI's which include budgets, a minimum of three (3)  days notification is required. THE LOI's  should be submitted in the platform and format requested by the sponsor and at a minimum should include the following :

  • Descriptive title of proposed research
  •  Name, address, and telephone number of the Principal Investigator(s)
  • Names of other key personnel
  •  Participating institutions
  •  Number and title of the funding opportunity


Letters of Intent (HU is Subcontractor)

If you are working with another University on a proposal.  HU will be a subcontractor if awarded.  When Howard University is the subcontractor for a proposal, the proposal is treated as any other proposal.  The same requirements through the Electronic Signature and Approval Process (currently DocuSign) have to be met.  Therefore, the internal routing and approval process for Howard's portion of the project through DocuSign must occur.

LOI Process (HU is Subcontractor)

The Principal Investigator must submit through DocuSign for RAS to receive at least 5 business days prior to the due date to the Prime.  

As a subcontractor, the following is typically required to be included in the prime institutions proposal submission to the sponsor:

  • Subcontractors approval from Research Administrative Services (Letter of Intent (LOI)/Signed Face Page)
  • Subcontractors budget and budget justification
  • Scope of work Subcontractor is proposing will accomplish under the award
  • Subcontractors approved rate agreement
  • Biosketch/CV's of Subcontractors key
  • Current and pending support for Subcontractors key personnel.

These items are typically required when HU is the prime institution as well.  The difference is that rather than submitting HU's  full proposal directly to the sponsoring agency, HU's portion of the proposal  is submitted to the prime institution to be included in the full proposal that the prime Institution will submit to the sponsor.


Please see Proposal Submission Policy 600-003