Certification and Training

Sponsored Research Certification Program

The Sponsored Research Certification Program has 8 modules and is designed to provide mandatory compliance training to research faculty and staff. It is imperative that all faculty and their research staff fully participate in this training.

Certification is required for adequate management of external research projects. Once certified, research faculty and staff are required to re-certify every 3 years.

Find training material and certification tests here. This certification program is also available on Blackboard.


Award Kick-off Meetings

When RAS is notified that a project has been awarded, the RAS staff members assigned to the awarded project schedule an Award Kick-off meeting with the PI. This meeting is conducted to discuss the terms and conditions of the award so that the PI can successfully manage their project.


General Workshops & Seminars

OGM and RAS will offer various workshops and seminars that focus on topics pertaining to research administration and compliance which are not fully covered within the Sponsored Research Cerification Program curriculum.